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Freedom From Self-Sabotage

Freedom From Self-Sabotage
Just about every one of us has a story of woe, a personal drama of being defeated by our situations in life and even by our own miscalculations or foolishness. It can feel as if some invisible saboteur lurks behind our defeat and failure.

Freedom From Self-Sabotage is a powerful book that exposes that inner saboteur. Convincing evidence reveals that the saboteur exists because of our unrecognized compulsion to experience and recycle unresolved negative emotions. This book shows how we resist and reject the positive, how we collude in creating our problems, and how we cover up awareness of these hidden dynamics through our defense system.

Core questions are addressed: Why is the negative there in the first place? Why do we find it so difficult to do what is in our best interest? Why don't we exercise more, eat better, stay focused, worry less, remain positive, keep friends, save money, hold on to love, and achieve more with our creativity and skills?

This book identifies in detail the unresolved negative emotions that block and hinder us, and it provides scores of examples of the hidden ways we remain entangled in feelings of being deprived, refused, controlled, criticized, and rejected.

We learn to see, as clearly as possible, our own particular form or brand of self-sabotage. To do this, we trace the self-sabotage back to its source in our psyche. For instance, if we are attached emotionally to feeling criticized, and are particularly critical of ourselves, we will unconsciously set ourselves up to make foolish mistakes or do “dumb things.” The effect is that we create self-sabotage in the process, as we continue to feel the unresolved attachment to criticism.

Self-sabotage is eliminated when we clear up and move beyond our attachment to criticism and other unresolved negative emotions. This book illustrates dozens of ways that we generate self-sabotage.

Much of our creative and physical energy is wasted in trying to contend with our inner conflicts. Reading this book, we become a detective in our own psyche, able to isolate our elusive self-sabotage and eliminate it from our life for good.


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