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Why We Suffer

Why We Suffer
This is my most recent title, and the one that takes my psychological understanding to its deepest level yet. It has not yet been published as a printed book, but is available at this time as a PDF file.

We keep secret from ourselves the existence of a hidden flaw in our psyche. This flaw is a grave danger to each of us personally and to all of us collectively. Through our defense system, we cover up awareness of this inner problem.

This flaw in our human nature gets the best of us only if we fail to become conscious of it. When we expose this inner condition, we are beginning to eliminate or eradicate it. When it no longer contaminates our inner life, we feel, just for starters, our goodness and our value more acutely, as we are more respectful of the goodness and value of others.

Most of us have problems or challenges we would like to resolve. Collectively, we also have challenging national and worldwide problems that need to be solved. We may not be up to these challenges if we’re not conscious enough of our inner dynamics. Handicapped by a lack of self-knowledge, how can we trust ourselves to avoid conflict and self-defeat? We will just fail repeatedly to learn from history.

A lot of good ideas are in circulation for making ourselves and the world a better place. But good ideas aren’t enough in themselves. This hidden flaw can keep good ideas from being acted on because it compels us, at best, to be indecisive, confused, and prone to dissension. At worst, it produces self-defeat and self-destruction. This negative effect consistently trumps good ideas, positive affirmations, and best intentions.

We see that our actions, as well as our failures to act appropriately, arise from our emotional life rather than our mental life.

This book reveals essential knowledge that humankind has been reluctant to accept. This knowledge involves our secret collusion in producing negative emotions and impressions. Seeing how we do this is the key to taking charge of our life.

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