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My New Psychology Book Exposes the Source
Of Emotional and Behavioral Problems

Do you need help to curb drinking or to get off drugs? Are you facing a divorce or career failure? Is excess weight a problem? Are you anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed by life’s challenges? Perhaps you’re simply unable to get your mind or intelligence into high gear.

I'm an author and experienced psychotherapist in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My latest book (Why We Suffer: A Western Way to Understand and Let Go of Unhappiness) shows how we can overcome the unconscious programming in our psyche that produces suffering and self-defeat.

Emotional and behavioral problems emerge from blind-spots in our psyche. Before you spend money on expensive therapies, consider the proven techniques in my new e-book that expose these blind-spots and empower your intelligence.

Read the reviews of Why We Suffer at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The e-book is available at those sites, and can also be purchased here in a PDF format that is easy to read on most devices.
Overcoming emotional and behavioral problems is a learning process. We learn about the psychological mechanisms at the heart of our dysfunction.

Why We Suffer is a radical break from the psychological establishment's contention that suffering is caused by such factors as cultural clashes, human malice, genetic anomalies, and brain chemistry. The knowledge in Why We Suffer exposes our inner conflicts with such clarity that we can heal ourselves through our own intelligence and good intentions.

The book is practical, specific, and scientific, and it highlights the most powerful knowledge from psychology. The writing is polished and the ideas simplified. The text can be read and understood by a high-school student, even as the material remains intellectually stimulating. The book shows exactly how most adults, in varying degrees, continue unwittingly and compulsively to experience and recycle painful and unresolved emotions.

The knowledge in this book is based mainly on the work of Edmund Bergler M.D. (1899-1962), a New York psychoanalytic psychiatrist who wrote 25 books and almost 300 articles published in professional journals. He is largely unknown because this knowledge he produced is laden with clinical terminology that puts difficult demands on readers. I am popularizing his ideas with the skills I learned in my previous profession as a journalist and science writer.

This information shows that our human nature is, in a sense, operating with old software. We need to be upgraded. Microsoft can't do it - only we can. For that to happen, we need new knowledge to see ourselves more clearly and objectively.

The human mind is hungry for truth and the human spirit is starving for consciousness. This book is a big mouthful of high-protein mental nutrition. Our desperate human race is now ready to assimilate this vital knowledge.

I also recommend the new edition of my book, Freedom From Self-Sabotage. This 2011 edition is a major revision of the 1999 print edition, and it also provides new techniques and clarity for learning how to live free of conflict, unhappiness, and self-defeat. The new edition is especially helpful in understanding the collective self-defeat involved in the decline of American institutions and prosperity. (This new edition, not yet available in print, is available here as an easy-to-read PDF file.)

All my other titles—and the three titles written by my late wife Sandra Michaelson—can be ordered here as softcover books or as PDF files.